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I’m Having a Major Life Crisis

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Okay, so most of you will think I’m too young for this but I’m positive I feel like this. It started when I was 11 I was really depressed for my age and no one believed me, I felt like I deserved all the pain I could do to myself so I did. I cut myself, I starved and purged once or twice, I’d steal alcohol from the cupboards and all things more. My dad noticed and got me to stop and I was as I fine as I could be at that point but I’m going back to that stage now, I’m starving myself on only one meal a day, I’m extremely depressed and I’m having hallucinations auditory and visual, I can’t think, I can’t concentrate I don’t care about things I used to and I feel like should just hang myself or take fistfuls of my mom’s medication for her fibromyalgia I’ve tried to drown myself, I nearly bled out once and I was so close to jumping under my school bus today. I think I really need help but I don’t want my family to be a part of this. I want to do it alone. Please can someone help? 

I’m Having a Major Life Crisis

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A: Thank you for writing in with your question. You are listing some very serious issues and I’m glad you realize that you need some help. The fact that you have done things to harm yourself, report having hallucinations, and still feel suicidal, suggest that you need to find a mental health professional quickly. If you are currently suicidal, I would suggest that you either go to a local hospital emergency room or call the Suicide Hotline for advice. 

Because of your age, your parents will have to be involved in your treatment. They have to sign consent forms and will most likely be financially responsible. However, they do not have to be included in every session. Most therapists who work with teenagers include the parents in part of the treatment but also spend time alone with you. You can request to speak to the therapist alone as often as you like. 

If for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to speak to your parents directly about needing help, you could speak to another trusted adult, such as a teacher, the school counselor, your doctor, a church leader or another family member. The important thing is to ask for help soon. I’m sorry you have been feeling so badly. No one “deserves” to suffer like this. With help, you can be feeling better soon, and, you don’t have to do it alone.

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Dr. Holly Counts

I’m Having a Major Life Crisis

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