My soon to be 9 year old son is constantly saying he wishes he was dead, or that he is going to kill others. He punches himself in the head. He has severe mood swings. loud noise bothers him deeply, where he has to cover his ears. He is having horrible accidents (started to occur within the last 2 months and is now in pullups) and he cannot sit still, he cannot listen to you for more than a minute, he has trouble making eye contact. his eyes look sunken in, no weight gain (yet he eats ALL the time), constantly has to e drinking something. He was on adderall and intuniv that did NOTHING and it is getting worse and worse and no help as of yet. Called about 50 numbers, left several messages, called crisis lines and NOTHING.. what do i do , what could be wrong with him? please help.

A. I don’t have enough information to know what might be wrong with your son, but his symptoms are unusual and alarming. It’s possible that he’s having a negative reaction to medication or potentially experiencing a medical problem.

What about the physician who are prescribing him medication? Are they able to help? Call and report your concerns about your son. Someone at the office should be able to help you.

The local mental health crisis team may also be able to help. Most communities have them. Call and ask for their assistance. They should be able to come to your home, assess your son’s condition and determine the next steps.

If you are unable to receive help elsewhere, you should immediately take your son to the hospital. Many communities have local children’s hospitals. You can take him there. Don’t wait for someone to call you back, take him somewhere to have him evaluated. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle