hi i am a teenager and confused whether or not i am socially anxious. so here are a few things i did that i feel like i am not socially anxious: in school even though i had no idea about water polo and barey knew anyone there i still tried out for my school water polo team. also i became a candidate for my school sac but at the last minute they disapproved my speech and pulled me out. i also play soccer a everyday at lunch with people who are way better than i am. lastly i have also danced a lot in front my english class even took off my tshirt. also i have joined kickboxing club at school and volunteered at carnival day in my school and for NOW program. i have also tried out for volleyball. but i am not sure why i rarely play forward when i play soccer cuz my friend are very good they are almost top in the school. this year i didnt try out for volleyball because i got rejected last year feeling that i am not good enough same people trying out every year. lastly whenever there after school soccer in a field i tend to not go because the guys there are really good. i also dont really wanna join a club because i feel like sports is not thing. these few reason why i feel like i might be socially anxious. so what do you think? thank you.

A. Generally speaking, you seem to have the confidence to do what you want. There have been several situations in which you could’ve done something but decided against it, but overall I do not get the impression that you are overly socially anxious.

Having too much anxiety is not normal but having “too little” is also not normal. Some anxiety is normal and there are people who would argue that it is healthy because a heightened state of arousal can be protective.

It’s normal to feel some anxiety in groups or when trying something new, but that doesn’t seem to stop you from doing what you want. I would recommend your continued involvement with groups. You seem naturally inclined to want to be part of groups and that is very healthy. Thanks for writing. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina RAndle