From the UK: I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression last august and have been taking my meds But for a couple months or so I have felt there is something more “mentally wrong” with me.
I am 100% sure there is something (non-living) in my flat as much as ive tried saying there’s not. I am constantly worried that people are going to break in. When im in the shower I about have a panic attack as I think it’s going to happen.i got bullied (a little) in high school and I used to be sooo outgoing bubbly and hyper but i’m now just someone without a personality. Up until I was around 16-18 I used to get episodes where I was extremely hyper and happy but then about an hour later I would be balling my eyes out. I would dread it each day being hyper as I couldnt deal with the sadness. Ive not had one of those since.
Is there any way I could possibly find whats wrong with me? Im going out of my mind

A: Please go back to your prescriber and talk about how you’ve been feeling. It’s possible that you are experiencing a side-effect of medication or that your dose or medication needs to be changed. If you didn’t share the information that is in your letter when you saw the doctor last year, do so now. If you are shy about talking about it, take your letter and this response with you to your appointment.

I can’t tell you what is wrong but something certainly is. The best person to help you figure it out is the doctor who is working with you.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie