Hi, I have a question about anxiety. Here’s what I experience: when I’m around other people, even people I like, for too long (usually any more than 5 hours of social interaction) I begin to become very drained and anxious, and have panic attacks if I’m forced to stay in the presence of other people. Once I spend a good bit of time (usually several hours) by myself, I’m fine again. Here’s my problem: I’m in the process of requesting a single dorm room for college, but I’m having a hard time explaining the necessity of having my own room for my mental and emotional health. Is there a clinical term for this I should use, or should I just describe it as anxiety? Should I seek treatment? Is there even any treatment thanks for your email. It would be possible for this issue? Thank you so much!

A: It is hard to know for sure but this sounds like a type of generalized anxiety disorder. The kind of social anxiety that you are experiencing is something there are many possible treatments for from CBT to group therapy to medicine. Since you are at the University best place to go is to the counseling center. They are very familiar with the needs of college students who have anxiety and can help you directly.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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