A year ago I experienced a sudden increase in my anxiety level. I went to the doctor and got on lexapro and it started helping me almost immediately. I stayed on it for about 10 months and it caused such a significant weight gain and drop in libido so I wanted to try getting off. I tried (by myself) to wean off of it slowly but I think I went a little too quickly. I missed 3 months of my period and got extremely agitated and moody so I recently decided to get back on the lexapro. I started at 5mg for the first two weeks and my anxiety level has shot through the roof. I am just as anxious now as I was over a year ago before I started the lexapro. Is this a side effect of getting on the meds, or is this a permanent type of thing because lexapro doesn’t work for me anymore?

A: There are too many variables to know for certain the role medicine may or may not be playing with your increased anxiety. However, it would be important to begin non-medical interventions as a way of helping you achieve some control over the angst. Perhaps the best researched and most effective is meditation. Here’s some information about it. Research shows that cultivating a regular practice of learning how to manage your mind may be one of the most effective tools against anxiety.

It may even help reduce you need medicine.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral