Ever since October, 2013, I’ve been sort of… Out of it.
It started with a panic attack; the first panic attack i’ve ever had, or at least from what I remember. It was an odd feeling. I felt numb and around the sides of my head felt tingly, almost cold. My vision felt zoomed in, although whenever staring at objects like my hands or anything else that was actually protruding off the wall or ground would seem to change size. Like, My hand would seem smaller than usual, or my arm would seem longer than usual.
I quickly got my mother and dragged her into bed with me for that night and the following, terrified of the strange feeling.
But, Ever since that one panic attack in October, I’ve been feeling strange. My mind is all clouded, my eyes are pressured 24/7 and everything I look at seems.. unreal, to a sorts. Me and my mother have been to multiple doctors. Sinus, Blood doctor, Gastro doctor, regular doctor, And just recently to a psychologist. We’ve been through so many tests; sent to so many different doctors, And are getting no where.
Now, My questions are multiple. Have you any clue what sort of thing this feeling is? Why do I have panic attacks whenever I’ve been completely calm for the past few weeks? I just wake up and I’m having a panic attack! And whatever this thing is, How do I get rid of it? It is effecting my school work and making me distant from friends and family. Some sort of help would be kindly appreciated. :)

A: You are doing the right thing getting all those medical tests. The first thing to do is rule out a physical cause. On the psychological side I would think back through October and see if there were any major events that took place — particularly any events where you experienced a loss. Losses tend to happen around the time of panic attacks. They seem to set them off.

In fact, it could be simply the fear of losing something that can do this. Potential break ups with boyfriends, the fear of death of someone close, the loss of a friend moving away — any potential big loss can be deeply unsettling.

Allowing yourself to think about what may be the trigger for these may give you an idea of the source. If you find something that might be important — talk about it with the psychologist. But as you explore these other possibilities please continue the medical tests. You want to rule out the medical issue first.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral