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Child’s Father Won’t Take Medication for His Psychosis; Behavior Is Getting Worse

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A year ago my son’s father stay involuntary at the psych ward at a hospital. He only took his meds for a week and didn’t follow up with the DR; he told the secretary he didn’t need to be there or take the meds. He was diagnosed with unspecified psychosis and prescribed olanzapine. His mom is schizophrenic bi polar. Before, his behavior was paranoid and had weird thoughts. When he went to jail he thought the banana he ate had something in it, said he seen people put stuff in the pipes of the water and he believed people were out to get him. He even thought my dad was trying to poison him. He told his family that we were trying to kill him. Sometimes, at stop lights he thinks people are watching him. He thinks he’s so superior. He don’t work or pay for anything. I believe he is mentally unstable. Sometimes he has outbursts where he is screaming and yelling at his grandfather mother, grandmother and sisters including me. He was very loud and scary throughout my pregnancy. He never wanted me to leave or be with my family or talk to anyone not even his family. Every time I left he would come get me all through these last three years. Finally, I moved with family in a different county three hours away however he was screaming and yelling foul words and accusations. He refuses anything about him and refuses to take medications. He shows up at my house unwanted and unexpected. He parks outside for a really long time and then drives off. Sometimes I go out there frightened telling him that I’m not going with him and he screams and drives off. Couple days later again. He even showed up doing the same routine at my grandfather’s house and I wasn’t there. One time a family member told him what he doing there he’s not supposed to be there and that im not there and he said I owed him money and made up some bizarre excuse. At odd times 11 PM, 4AM or even day light. He texts me and says to pack my “shit” hes coming and foul words too. Calling and yelling bad words to me. Then, eventually he will text me love you and miss you. Bi polar. Right now I have a restraining order and his family told him and so did I before I got and he is in denial about it. Im feeling uncomfortable 24/7 because of his harassment and stalking. I feel like I’ve done everything to get him help. How can he take his medication? I been to the cops and he don’t have episodes in front of them. Not only that he plays it cool and knows how to charm his way out. The DR said I can’t force him to take his medications. His family and I are in desperate need of help for him. He is 23 years old and we have a one year old son. Please any advice??

Child’s Father Won’t Take Medication for His Psychosis; Behavior Is Getting Worse

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You were told that you can’t force your child’s father to take medication. That is correct. Generally speaking, people cannot be forced to take medication, even in circumstances when they are clearly unstable and it would improve their condition. There are occasions, mostly in hospital settings, in which an individual can be force-medicated but typically it requires the authorization of two physicians and in some cases, a court order.

I would advise keeping your distance from your child’s father. This situation is volatile. He is harassing and stalking you. You may be in danger. It was wise to get a restraining order against him, but you said he continues to contact you. That should not be the case. You should call the authorities every time he contacts you so that there is a record of his inappropriate and illegal behavior. If he pretends to be well in front of the police, then consider videotaping his behavior outside of the presence of the police. Most cell phones have videotaping capabilities.

Is there a local mental health crisis team in your community? They may be able to advise you about how to best intervene in this situation.

Finally, you may want to consider moving again. You already moved once, but he knows where you live. Is there anywhere you can go, at least temporarily?

I’m sorry that I don’t have a more satisfactory answer for you. Your power is limited in this situation. My best advice is to protect yourself and to call the authorities when necessary. If he were to be arrested, there’s a chance he could receive psychiatric help in jail. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Child’s Father Won’t Take Medication for His Psychosis; Behavior Is Getting Worse

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