From the U.S.: I’m 42 and I keep seeing scary figures or people in my bedroom and feel someone touching my hand. It wakes me up from a sleep, I get so upset I’m crying and wake my boyfriend who’s always right beside me and he comforts me, I don’t know why this is happening to me? I do have chronic pain due to a serious car accident and take medication, BUT I’ve been on the same medicines now for a number of years nothing’s changed? I’ve just had these hallucinations the past few weeks!?

A: Please see your doctor right away. I don’t think you are imagining things. Something is going on. Sometimes people develop a new tolerance or a new side-effect to medications they have been taking for years. It’s also possible that these sensations are a signal that something new is happening in your body. Hallucinations, for example, can be a result of a thyroid disorder.

Your doctor counts on you to be part of your medical team. He or she can only help you if you keep information flowing. Make that call to your doctor today.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie