I am in severe depression for at least a year and I just started cutting. I feel very lonely because that’s how i have been all my life. Nobody has ever been there for me and other issues have happed also. I have been bullied which made my depression kinda get worse and made me feel useless. I have very little energy all the time.I also have been seperate from my family and been keeping some secrets from them one having severe depression. It has been hard to keep all my emotions in to myself.

A. I would advise against keeping secrets any longer. You shouldn’t be trying to hide your problems. It’s clearly making your situation worse.

If you had a broken leg or a broken arm, you would not try to hide the injury or treat it yourself. You would never consider attempting to treat your own injury and you would quickly recognize that medical intervention is necessary. The same logic should apply to mental health issues.

If you would immediately seek professional help for a broken leg or a broken arm, then you should do the same for your severe depression. They both require immediate professional intervention.

My recommendation is to report your symptoms to your parents, a trusted caretaker or a school guidance counselor. They could assist you in seeking help.

It is common for teenagers to be scared to talk to their parents about mental health issues, perhaps because they fear they will be rejected or not taken seriously. They are often wrong about their assumptions, mostly because their assumptions are based on fear.

Bullying should be immediately reported to school officials. Many schools have specialized programs to promptly deal with these situations.

You must try to be proactive and ask for help. Help is available but it requires that you reveal your secrets. Don’t wait any longer. You will be glad that you asked for help. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle