I’m dealing with sister suffering from anorexia nervosa, bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. My sister months ago had a break-up with her bf. Since then she started dating many guys and then met a model(her current bf). Nowadays she has undergone a drastic change in personality, has become very agressive in attitude, abuses parents at times, yells at home, wears very indecent tiny clothes and posts it on fb, also undergoing on diet although she is very lean. The Model boy she is dating now is a spoiled rich boy and i Know he is just using her. Recently she tried alcohol and we also got to know that their group sometimes consumes drugs. Also recently when we stopped her from going out, she tried to consume Harpic and started vommitting.

We are in deep fear how to deal with her. Shall we behave strict with her and lock her in house with complete cut-off from social world? or be linient with her and allow going places? please help and tell steps how to be with her at home?
thanking you!

A: I deeply appreciate your love and concern for your sister. The fact that she tried to consume Harpic, a toilet bowl cleaner, indicates she is not making rationale decisions. I believe the way to manage this is to show your concern about her physical well-being and encourage her to have a physical. People may be more willing to go for help if they think that there is a physical, medical issue rather than a psychological one. Explain that you want good things for her just like she does and that you want to help — not control her. Offer to go with her to the physician. If she agrees let the physician know beforehand that she tried to drink Harpic. Once there the physician can see the other issues and make recommendations.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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