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Is It Normal for This to Happen?

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So I have a problem lately with not feeling emotions anymore. Awhile back I was under so much stress I just kinda snapped, now I cant feel the way I used to I no longer have any kind of conscious and my emotions are gone.The weird thing is I now enjoy violence a lot more than I used to.I mean all young men like violence but I often get the urge to kill things out of the blue, for instance a couple weeks ago I couldn’t help but to really wanna kill a goose so caught it and smashed it head with a rock.I don’t know what changed me but in one sense I kinda like it my life is a lot easier ever since but still should I be worried?

Is It Normal for This to Happen?

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It’s important to correct a misnomer about young men and violence. While male adolescents engage in violence more than female adolescents, it’s not the norm. Violence is an aberration, not an expectation of young males.

If I had the opportunity to ask you a follow up question, I would inquire about what you mean by “kinda snapped.” I also wonder what was it that made you “snap.”

You said that after this incident, you no longer felt emotions. You then began to experience an urge to kill. You also described life as being “easier.” I’m assuming it’s because you no longer feel that you have to care about what other people think. You might see that as freeing.

You asked whether or not you should be concerned about the fact that you now have an urge to kill. The answer is yes. It is not normal or healthy to want to hurt people or animals.

At this point in time, you have nearly full control of your urges. The major concern is that your urges will lead to actions. Urges may be controllable, but there may come a time when you are no longer able to resist your urges.

I would highly recommend that you consult a mental health professional. In counseling, you can review the incident that led to your inability to feel emotions and learn how to maintain control over your unhealthy urges. Therapy can redirect you onto a healthier, less dangerous path. I firmly believe that counseling could help you. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Is It Normal for This to Happen?

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