I’m not sure where to start. Three years ago I lost my mother and shortly after I went into a deep anxiety disorder feeling detached and unreal. I could not eat and stopped doing the things I loved. I lost around 50lbs in two months but i beat it. Well a couple months ago i began to feel the same way again due to stress from finances, relationship problems and such and i want know what i should do. Me nor my wife have work or health insurance so I’m unable to go to see a doctor. I just wanna be me again. It’s the same all over again feeling unreal and detached. I have to force myself to eat and I’m constantly worried about myself and my health and just do not enjoy my life anymore. I mean I don’t want commit suicide or anything I just wanna be me again, you know.

A: Thanks for writing in with your question, and I’m sorry for your loss. To me, it sounds like you are experiencing more depression than anxiety, although many people experience both issues at the same time. These symptoms could have been triggered by grief after the loss of your mother. It also sounds like the situation is made worse by the financial strain of you and your wife being unemployed and without health insurance.

Most towns or counties offer discounted access to mental health services, which could include counseling and medication if necessary. I would suggest that you contact your local health department or human services organization to see what programs you would be eligible for. These services are typically part of a “Community Mental Health Center,” but there may be private practices in your area that offer sliding scale fees as well.

I would also suggest contacting your local Hospice organization because many times they offer free grief counseling. Many churches and hospitals also offer free grief counseling and/or support groups.

I did a quick search in your area and am including a link to help you locate a place to get some help. But you may have more luck locating programs yourself since you are familiar with the area.

In the meantime, I would suggest going to your local library and getting some books on grief and depression. You may find many tips to help you feel better and cope with all the changes and stress. I hope things improve for you and your wife soon.

All the best,

Dr. Holly Counts