Even when I was very young I enjoyed the idea of hurting animals, but it got much worse after I was in second grade, when my mother would strike me over petty issues like having a hard time with homework. I actually began to kill and or torture small animals until I was old enough to realize how wrong what I was doing was. Since I was about 8, in third grade, I grappled with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. No one thought much of it though, as it runs in the family. I used to cut my wrists, though I have no scars. I recently went to a friend and explained everything to her, hoping she would have some advice, or at least listen to me, and she advised I talk to someone older, or even a therapist, which I requested but my parents said I was doing everything I did for attention and refused to take me to the therapist. I just want some advice.

A: I want you to know how much I honor your courage, bravery and resilience in coping with your mother and these difficult feelings. I would look to your schools guidance counselor for help. The counselors at your school, believe it or not, are very well trained in helping students cope with exactly the issues you are bringing.

I would make an appointment with him or her as soon as possible and show them this letter.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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