My wife is bipolar…no doubt. all symptoms have been displayed for years now. She refuses to acknowledge the problem for more than a few days. usually after a dramatic episode that leaves the children traumatized. but that fails. Won’t go to a doctor. won’t consider treatment or meds. I on my own and have to care for two young children. I have no idea what resources…effective…results oriented..resources..that are available. I don’t want to call police on her…but I’m this close. Her parents are spineless…no help. She has no friends. My friends have offered…but you can’t run off with your kids. big no no.
Please advise me. please. Thanks

A: Thank you for writing us. It is time to stop asking her to do something for herself — and for you to do something for you and your children. I believe it’s time for you to make an appointment with the family counselor for you and your children. You are the people she is affecting and there is real help and treatment for that.

Very often, when family members are affected by the mental illness, addiction and/or the personality flaws of one parent, I recommend getting treatment for the symptoms that evolved as a result of these issues.

This is a direct way to help you and your children feel better, and it may bring the seriousness of the problem to your wife’s awareness. You can invite her to come to the sessions but, whether or not she does, you and your children will be getting your needs expressed and met.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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