I’m getting really agitated my whole life is going to crap. i don’t now whats wrong with me. and need to now. i used to be motivated, exited about life. now i can never sleep i get about 28 hours sleep a week. its not that I’m not tired i just don’t want to sleep its real messing up my ability to function properly. iv lost all motivation I’m not doing college work i just don’t see the point. like nothing matters no more. i smoke weed to relax and stop my thoughts which never shut up. i have no friends and carnt act myself around anyone the only time i feel i can be me is when I’m alone and thats when I’m happiest. I think I’m addicted to sex cams which is taking all my money. i seem to have a memory of being abused but I’m not sure if its real or just my imagination or a bad dream i had that seems to have stuck in my memory. i haven’t had any kind of relationship with a girl in 4 year or in reality anyone no friends nothing i don’t trust anyone. i just want to be normal. i need to no what is wrong with me but don’t want anyone to find out I’m struggling. things are the worst they have ever been iv been like this before in life but it s never lasted long and iv always returned to normal quickly but its not getting better this time. and I’m the worse iv ever been. I’m going dawn a dark road. i carnt stop thinking about these things they just constantly run through my head over and over i just want it to turn of. do you now what could be wrong with me????

A: Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Let’s start with the basics. You are losing too much sleep and once that happens many other symptoms begin. I would check with your physician or a psychiatrist to see if there is something medically causing you to lose this much sleep. He or she can help you get back on track, but nothing will work until we increase the amount of time you spend sleeping. You may also be interested in this article I’ve written on sleep.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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