So I’m 15 years old and after 1 week ill be 16. From a couple of months something has been stressing me and taking all of my time considering it. That is the question: * Do I want something more with her or just a friendship* This is what i’ve been asking myself for the couple past months. Before 2 days we were on a camp having a party and after the party I asked her to go with me in my bungaloo in there we talked (I had some thoughts that she liked me) and I told her how i feel about her that I don’t know what exactly I want and she told me the same thing … That night we had used alcohol and I remember everything because i usually stand alcohol and I was sober and could do everything normally. I would want to become in a relationship with her but On the next morning i wasn’t * ready* for it I was again thinking what i want and I still don’t know.

Can you please help me sort it out ? It’s been a great stress for me and I really want to figure out for myself what do I WANT …

A: Thank you for writing us with this situation. My best guess is that you don’t know what you want because you haven’t experienced it before.

It sounds like you may have to find your way with trial and error. This sounds new and exciting and you may not know what to expect. Often we only have a vague idea of what we want to experience.

You may have to jointly explore what you need from each other to see if this relationship can flourish.

My advice in these situations is to go slow, talk to each other a lot, and don’t push the river.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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