Hi. I’m not really sure his to describe it. I feel so sad and alone but I’m surrounded by family and friends. I feel like the inside of me is different to the out and it confuses me. I feel and look happy on the outside but in my mind I don’t, I feel worried and scared and sad and I don’t know what about. I have always felt like this but the last few months have got worse. I cry so much, I drink more than I used to just to shut my brain off. I sleep a lot and I find it hard to go to university and my grades have dropped which is hard because I’m in my final year. I feel unmotivated to do anything now but I find myself making plans for things I need to do once I finish uni to get by. I constantly want to do stuff but I don’t follow through. I can’t talk to my family or friends because I don’t know what to say, I don’t know why I feel sad and happy and that makes me anxious and worries me sometimes. I’m always overthinking everything and taking on pointless problems from other people to put my worries aside. 1 year ago I got sent for counselling on the NHS but they have never sent me a date and I have taken myself off my anti-depressants. I felt like I could handle it, some days I still do. Because of this and the face my doctor has never mentioned it since makes be feel worse, like in making it up and sometimes I believe this. I’m just so confused with my mind and my feelings and everything.

A: It sounds like the symptoms of depression are back. Almost every item you’ve mentioned could be part of the checklist for depression, and my guess is if the antidepressant worked in the past. If ¬†you have access to university counseling, I would talk to them about the symptoms and find out if an antidepressant medicine is good for you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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