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I Can’t Stop Stealing from My Parents

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I stared at 13 years old and I stole money from my parents bank account since the start it got worse and worse 50 pounds and then the month of January this year when I stole a total of 400 pounds out their bank and the thing is my family doesn’t have a lot of money and I feel so bad and ashamed of myself. My dad even threatened to put me into care, he called me a liar, a cheat, a fraud. It felt so bad for my dad to say that to me and now I came here wishing for some help. I just want some help and some one to talk to because I don’t feel welcome in my own home any more. I know it’s taken me far to long to come here for help so I beg of anyone help me or just talk to me. I need help!!

I Can’t Stop Stealing from My Parents

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It is good that you are asking for help. It shows that you possess the desire to make positive changes in your life. Asking for help is a great start.

It’s important to recognize the importance of your statement “I can’t stop stealing from my parents.” Are you truly unable to stop? Is it something that you would rather not do but yet something that you choose to do? Is stealing a choice? You might feel compelled to steal from them, but is it within your power to change? Do you have an uncontrollable compulsion? If there were a police officer standing there watching you, who would arrest you the moment that you stole, would you steal it anyway? An uncontrollable compulsion absolutely requires professional help.

Your father has threatened to make you leave the home, and you should take his threats seriously. Having to leave your home is one of the many possible consequences of your behavior. If you don’t stop, your parents may also find it difficult to trust you again. They might go so far as to press charges, which could mean being prosecuted in a court of law. You have a lot to lose, if you don’t change your behavior.

Ask your parents, if they would assist you in seeking counseling. Counseling could help you to control your behavior. By asking for counseling, your parents would see that you are serious about changing. It would show that you recognize the seriousness of your actions and that you are actively trying to change.

People who steal seem to have poor impulse control. They want something and they take it, in spite of the possible negative consequences. Therapy could assist you with assessing the consequences of your behavior and making better decisions. Medication might also be helpful. I hope you will consider my recommendation of counseling. It might be what is necessary to solve this problem. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Can’t Stop Stealing from My Parents

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