I’m constantly angry and always taking it out on everyone, regardless if I know them or not. This can be trigged by anything at all and I don’t even feel sad about it, I just blame that person for making me angry. I’ve always had a temper ever since I was a kid but it keeps getting worse and it is becoming harder to control. On top of this I’m always feeling tired and I can’t get to sleep easily.

A. Anger is a problem that you should not ignore. Your anger is becoming more difficult to control. The fact that you “take it out on everyone” means that it’s negatively impacting those around you. Being tired and unable to sleep is likely exacerbating your anger. It’s difficult to be fully emotionally stable when tired and irritable.

Now that you recognize your anger as a problem, the next most responsible course of action is to seek professional help. Many therapists specialize in anger management. You may also want to consider joining an anger management support group or reading self-help books about how to better manage your strong emotions.

To recognize your anger as a problem and not to seek help is like saying you don’t care to change. The fact that your anger is hurting others should compel you to make the responsible choice of seeking professional help. If you care, you’ll seek help. If you don’t care, then you’ll do nothing and risk the possible consequence of losing control. I would not recommend the latter. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle