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I Feel Depressed & So Does My Mom

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My mom is all I have in life… My father abandoned us so now we have no male and I am the only child. Well let’s start off with my mother. She has been really depressed lately. All she has been doing is laying in bed crying. I feel horrible! She take me out for food and she still supports me in school but other than that it is just me… That brings me over to my own depression. I try to not do what my mom has been doing but sometimes that is my only choice! All I can do sometimes is cry. I have been depressed for a couple of years now and when I was younger all I could think about was suicide… But now all I can think about is the past… I don’t really eat any more… I can’t really any way because I have a huge eating disorder. I feel alone. Like there is no one in this world to support me. I have Tried running away before but my mom and I go through a huge battle to get to that point! We fight a lot now and it really does hurt me. I don’t have friends that really know about or care enough that they would care to pay attention but whatever. I just have no one right now and I don’t know what to do. I am hardly even a lady. I’m still in 6th grade!!! What do I do. My main priority is to find a way for my mom to get out of depression but than I can find a way. She always comes first! Thanks for reading this…

I Feel Depressed & So Does My Mom

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It has been tough for both you and your mother. I am so sorry for what you’re experiencing.

Understandably, it’s difficult for you to feel happiness when you’re seeing your mother crying. Her depression is probably influencing your feelings.

You said that it is your main priority to relieve your mother’s depression. That is important but your difficulty eating is something that needs to be corrected and the sooner the better. You obviously care about your mother, but you haven’t been trained to treat depression. You should suggest that she seek professional help and support her in doing so, but that is where your power ends.

Mental health professionals are in the best position to assist your mother in overcoming her depression and to help you with your eating problem. They are professionally trained to deal with these very issues.

I would recommend that you speak to a school guidance counselor. Inform them about the problems in your family. The guidance counselor can assist you and perhaps your mother in receiving the proper mental health treatment.

I know things are hard now, but with the proper help your life will improve. Speaking to the school guidance counselor is the best first step in dealing with these problems. I hope that my advice has been helpful. Please don’t hesitate to write again.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Feel Depressed & So Does My Mom

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