For 6 months now, around the time where I went my current relationship, I’ve been having a continuing dream where I’m being chased by a group of murderers. In every continuation of the dream, I would always meet someone I know, and I’d ask for help. This person would always eventually lead me back to my house where everything I needed was kept. However, the murderers would always find me at this house, and the person helping me would get killed. I would escape promising myself that I’ll never let another person help me, but my fear prevents me from keeping this promise the next time I see someone I know. I was wondering what this dream could be telling me. Thank you.

A: There are many other factors that go into interpreting the dream other than the contents itself. But what seems clear is that the dream is alerting you to the theme of trust in your life. Whenever dream is recurring our unconscious has something important to tell us. It seems that trust and mistrust are a concern.

If you not talking to a counselor yet, I think it would be a good idea. Since you are in school you may want to begin talking about your concerns with the counselor there, but you may also want to ask your parents about seeing a therapist for a few visits.

If that option doesn’t sound ok, you may want to try some expressive writing. You may want to write down your dream or you may want to draw it out. The expressive manners of writing and drawing can help you learn more about the underlying reasons and meaning behind the dream.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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