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What Am I?

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I will try and establish all of my issues directly; I am currently seeing a therapist, who I frequently lie to.
1) I cannot sleep through the night and subsequently spend all day and most of the night on the Internet. Once I get to sleep I will sleep until midday.
2) I have a very big sexual appetite that no one is able to fill. I speak with a multitude of women online and love the detachment, I treat them badly. Say sexually explicit things and enjoy that. I then turn it on them. I enjoy that. It makes me laugh a lot. Pathetic and desperate dumb bitches.
3) I am no longer employed.
4) I live at home with my father. Parents have been divorced for years. I believe this is why I never want to get married.
5) I have an extreme fear of commitment and insist on sexual relationships that do not include kissing or hugging (anything remotely emotional)
6) I am highly intelligent. I tell people that I am better than them. However I really hate myself, I frequently consider suicide.
7) I have come from a wealthy upbringing, however expectations are unreal.
8) I have very few friends. I spend a lot of time alone. Going out with family is something I cannot be bothered to do.
9) I am bored, feel nothing excepting extreme anger, frustration and guilt.
10) I have done morally representable things.
11) I have no issue fighting and making others feel bad. Until I feel guilt for it.
12) I smoke, but do not drink heavily nor do drugs at all.
13) I was bullied when I was in school
14) I feel alone. I rode my motorcycle to feel the rush, it was fun. Then I crashed it and couldn’t get it fixed.
15) I have no one to turn to, and am constantly emotionally and physically alone.
16) I think highly of my sister and my brother. She is caring he is not.
17) My mother has always been distant. That is why I ‘love’ dad.

Please help. I need someone to say specifically what is wrong with me….

What Am I?

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The lying is the central concern. If you are lying to your therapist why should I believe you are not lying to me? Stop lying and show him or her this list and ask for feedback about what it means for you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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What Am I?

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