im only 16, but I need serious mental help from a therapist. I do not know how to find this help without paying a huge amount of money. My family can barely pay rent and cannot afford to get me the help I need. I want to kill myself, but I know that is not something I should think, so I was wondering if maybe you could tell me how to get serious help. I’ve tried going to the walk in clinic and I’ve tried asking the school counsellor, but it seems like no one will help me. My problem is just ignored, so do you know how I could find help for cheap?

A: I’m very sorry the adults in your life aren’t responding to your requests for help. The time to get help is definitely when someone is asking for it. Here’s a place for you to start: offers web and phone counseling for people under age 20. It’s free, anonymous, and confidential. Counselors are available 24/7 for kids like you. Do give them a call: 800-668-6868. They’ll get you started, and will most likely be able to help you locate a therapist in your own area.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie