I always think about hurting people violently if they make me angry or even just annoy me a little bit. I can’t stand people in general, and hate being around them. I’m also always negative, a huge pessimist.

A. Having violent thoughts and tendencies does not necessarily mean that one will act on them, however they are concerning. It’s a sign that the way in which you handle anger is maladaptive and that you may need assistance in maintaining control over your behavior.

To be pessimistic is to have a negative view of the world. You expect that the worst will happen in every case. One should not necessarily be pessimistic or optimistic; one must be realistic. Every situation is different and to presuppose a negative outcome is to be biased. Cognitive biases can lead to incorrect conclusions. You are more likely to come to the wrong conclusion about a situation when viewing it from a biased perspective rather than seeing it for what it is.

You did not ask a specific question, but my general recommendation is to seek mental health treatment. Mental health treatment could assist you in controlling your temper and developing the appropriate coping skills, which will help you deal with your strong emotions. When people can’t handle strong emotions, they may become frustrated and act out violently. Coping skills will help you to control your behavior. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle