My dad has always been at the center of my nightmares since forever. He is an abusive person and believes what people say about us and torture our lives without asking us about the truth. He hates that my mom finally got a job and forced her to get credit cards for him so she will be bounded to him. He can’t control himself and believes what he wants to believe, he totally acts like a schizophrenic. My mom can’t fight back anymore because she has no power left, neither do I. I just want this nightmare to be over, because of him my mother tried to commit suicide, and my sister still pees at night. And I never had a boyfriend because of the fear of my father, he stalks us everywhere like a psychopath and sometimes believes his own lies. For example, my mom has a friend from a course and he is at my age, their exams are usually ay the same place so they study together with lots of people. My father hates him and I don’t know what he thinks but keeps making my mother suffer because of his own lies. I do not want to see my mother like this, and I’m going insane too. Please help me. By the way I’m really sorry for my grammar and the other mistakes…

A: Your information says that you are in your first year in the university. I would highly recommend contacting counseling center to speak to one of the therapists there. This is very difficult to deal with on your own, but with the support of a therapist you will be able to develop a plan for coping with your father, helping your mom, and gaining greater independence for yourself.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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