It is not a poor diet issue. My diet is proper and BMI is in range. I feel extreme laziness all day. I procrastinate my tasks as the result I completely forget to do it and sometimes I have to bear serious consequences of it. I sit a whole day in bed and often I get backaches and headaches due to constant sitting/laying on bed. In spite of that, I am unable to get out of my bed. I even procrastinate thinking or planning something important as there is strong desire not to think too deep in any matter.

A: Thank you for your letter. From your brief description the first thing I would do is get a complete physical, if you know your diet is okay and BMI that’s a good start –but I think you will want to bring your symptoms to your physician. There are many possibilities for causing this reaction and the first thing you want to do is rule out medical causes. I would make the appointment with your physician sooner rather than later. He or she can help you from there.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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