I have always believed that every person is un-harmfully eccentric in their own way but I think lately, I have been more than that. Feels unhealthy. I am very lonely and still pushing people away & myself into a cocoon. I am unable to concentrate in work or anything constructive. I procrastinate everything possible and turn to movies/ tv shows to escape from feeling all this. I am oversleeping and tired all day long which is very unlike me. I cry anywhere and at anytime without any reason and I am keeping my troubles to myself. I no longer seem to have control over these moods. I think I might be clinically depressed but I cannot know for sure. Please help me diagnose what is wrong with me and to get healthy again.

A. You may be experiencing depression but I can’t make a diagnosis over the Internet. Your symptoms are outside the normal range of sadness. You’re lonely, isolative, procrastinating, lack energy and moody. We all experience those emotions from time to time; however, they tend to be fleeting and short-lived. When they are consistent, seem uncontrollable and are long-lasting, it’s potentially indicative of depression.

It would be best for you to meet with a mental health professional who can determine if you have depression. Depression is highly treatable. Common interventions include: cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, and others. The combination of therapy and medication has been found to be quite effective for treating depression. I hope you will consider seeking treatment. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle