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Overly Sensitive

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My english may not be up to the standard but here i go, I have two types of problem and i have been facing them since i was born. I am 18 now.

First i am very sensitive to things , i tend to feel everything , i was pick on by my cousins in my childhood a lot ,i was called names and etc etc. I cried in my childhood a lot of times . Even now when my parents try to teach me something good i get very sad and cry become angry. I am very unreliable as everyone around me says. I am happy at one moment and sad and am crying at the next moment and when i tell everybody around me about my problem that i am sensitive and don’t tell me how to do things , i get offended by them ,They feel angry with me and say that i don’t love them and i am not good enough which makes my condition even worse and go into depression and it’s been 4 months since this problem has started to take over my me and my daily routine it has started to interfere with everything , My family , relatives think that i am faking this and i am some kind of bad person who likes to hurt people.

The second is that i over think things, For example at one time my mom was out at one time and she called and told me that she was going to be late, so i started to think that maybe the car she will be in will have an accident and then she will be injured and then she will call us and i with my mom will drive to the hospital and at the hospital she will need my blood and i will give it to her and then she will not survive and we will all be sad. I became very sad at that moment, I do this with everything i think of. I take it and over think it and make a small scenario
and my emotions change with respect to how those scenarios end.

So please help me , tell me i am crazy or anything, because everyone is moving away from me , saying that i am not normal and are blaming me for things i can not control. I am very depressed and hopeless and have thought of ending my life many time , i tried it one time too

Overly Sensitive

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There is nothing wrong with being a sensitive person. Some kids are just born with their feelings very close to the surface. The challenge is to learn how to manage those feelings so they don’t interfere with your life. It sounds like you haven’t figured out how to do that yet. In addition, you’be been bullied and accused and shamed. That’s hard for anyone to deal with. It’s especially difficult for someone who is sensitive.

That being said, I am concerned with the scenarios you are creating. On the one hand, you may have the imagination and talent for writing fiction but that is only useful if you learn the self-discipline to control it. It is your lack of control that makes people worry about you and that makes you worry about yourself.

I do think you should make an appointment with a mental health counselor for an evaluation. I can’t tell from a letter whether you are depressed because you haven’t found a way to manage your intense feelings or whether you are having such intense feelings because you are depressed. A counselor can help you understand yourself better and can help you learn to use your strong feelings productively.

You made an important first step by writing to us. Now please follow up and see a counselor to help you make sense of your situation. You have suffered long enough.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Overly Sensitive

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