I’m 20. I have moments during the day where I check out (as if someone is taking over my body) and during the time my friends/family/people around me say I do abnormal things such as mumbling unknown words, knocking over objects around me, violently acting, or crying. When I go back to myself I don’t realize what I’ve done until they tell me. My ex boyfriend took me to the hospital because during my modeling shoot, I became unresponsive (he said my eyes were open and I was standing, I just froze and began moaning). When I arrived at the hospital, I think I was hallucinating, because I heard loud voices speaking Latin and everything was a blur. I’ve also had repetitive dreams for five weeks straight, of me going to hell. I’m scaring myself. Please respond soon.

A: Please get yourself to a neurologist as soon as possible. I’m very concerned you may be having what are called absence seizures or some other neurological development that is causing these symptoms. Not every unusual experience is a mental health problem. Sometimes the body is trying to tell us that something is wrong.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie