Hi, I’m 16 and female and I really afraid that I might have pedophilia. Disturbing thoughts keep popping into my head and they freak me out. I keep researching about pedophilia but none of it tells me if I have pedophilia. And I can’t talk to my family about this because of family history. I try to stop the thoughts from happening but they don’t stop. And I don’t think I’m aroused by children but I look at kids and ask myself if I am or not and then I get a weird feeling. And I freak out. I’ve also researched OCD to see if that’s it too. But I can’t tell. I just really need help and I can’t ask anyone I know for help because I’m ashamed. please help me this is really scaring me.

A: It must’ve taken a great deal of courage to write us here at Psych Central. Thank you. There is too little information in your email to know exactly what’s going on. But a family history and repetitive, intrusive and disturbing thoughts are causing you concern. This suggests that you will want to talk this over with a professional.

If you feel there is no way you can talk to your parents or older sibling about this then I would do one of two things: Because of your age I would either talk to your high school’s guidance counselor, or contact the local women’s center in your county. Both of these places are good ways to start.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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