I am hesitant and I need help please help me, I knew a man before one year, he was so good with me, I loved him and I thought that he love me, but he left me and I didn’t hear any thing about him, I shocked because I waited a lot from him and I didn’t understand why he made that, I suffered for mush time and I could not know other boy, my friends speak that I must forget and live my life, when I start give chance to other man, he back, and he said that he had a lot of problems and he still want me, because I loved him and I made a lot for him and I gave him every thing,, I believed him, now I am with him but I am afraid and I expect every thing, when we speak about future,, I feel that he do not put plan for us,, really I feel so bad and I don’t know what to do,, specially when I remember that he has not work and he want to continue study, I am afraid if I keep waiting him after he will go like last time,, and to be honest I lose mush chances for marriage just for him, I know that I must do something, but what should I do!! To not blame my self!!!

A: Thank you for writing us here at Psych Central. While I am not sure how available psychotherapy would be to you in your country, I do think that you being in the presence of a third party who could help discuss these issues would be important. Perhaps there is someone from your religious community who could serve as a sounding board for these concerns. It sounds to me like there may be multiple issues that need to be sorted through. Having one person see you together as a couple would be helpful. Your physician also could be a good person to ask to help you find someone.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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