Hi, I’m 23 yr. old female. I need your advise in dealing with my problems. A few months ago my ophthalmologist did a glaucoma test on my eyes. It revealed some retinal nerve defect, which my doc says, may be due to my high myopia (-11 in one eye). He will be doing further tests after 6 months to confirm if I do have d condition. I have also heard of many other potentially blinding disorders that may result from being highly myopic. This is stressing me a lot. Moreover not been able to qualify for the bank/po exams for which I have been preparing for 2 years is upsetting me. I can’t concentrate on my studies. I have started feeling that I wont be able to make it out. I have also been trying to find a job but I think simply a college degree will not get me hired. My friend suggests we do mcom but I am not sure. Most of my friends have got a job right after graduating. I am really confused about my career. I am losing my confidence. Kindly suggest me on how I can improve the quality of my life by learning to deal with stress. Thank you for your help and time.

A: Thank you for sending us your email. It does sound like you are going through a great deal of stress. I believe the single best intervention to help with stress is meditation. I don’t think it matters which style of meditation you use, but I do think it is important to begin. The research is clear: Over the past 40 years, a wide variety of systematic studies has shown that meditation can be very helpful in reducing overall tension and stress. Here’s a link to more information.

I would also advocate for getting more exercise. It is very helpful bringing about healthy changes in our biochemistry, which makes us feel better. Here’s an article with more information on that.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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