I have an anxiety disorder for seven years. I know most of the symptoms but I have one very strange. Very often I have pain inside the ears. Example 1: When someone holds the steering wheel of the car I get awkward pain inside the inner ear. Example 2: When I watch TV sports. eg football, when a player falls to ground, i get the same akward pain in the inner ears. Example 3: When someone is close to me and grabs certain object, i get the same akward pain in the inner ear… Please tell me what is called this disorder and what can cause this and which medications can i take ?

A. It’s unclear if your ear pain is the result of anxiety. Anxiety is a psychological condition and not a physical condition. Sustained high levels of anxiety may lead to physical problems but generally speaking, it affects people emotionally and not necessarily physically. Perhaps when a sudden anxiety-producing stimulus occurs, you quickly clench your teeth or move your jaw in an awkward way. Either of those things could cause ear pain. TMJ pain can often radiate to the ear.

Your ear pain might be the result of a medical problem. Don’t assume it’s anxiety. You should be evaluated by your primary care physician to determine the source of the pain. The doctor may want to refer you for a series of tests to determine what is wrong. It’s always advisable to consult trained professionals to determine what is wrong.

See your doctor immediately. He or she will determine what is wrong and provide treatment recommendations accordingly. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle