I need help, it seems as if I don’t want to be where I am. I chose to do something in the medical field and I am not sure if I like it. During class I feel as if I cannot keep up. I don’t think intelligence is an issue; sorry for the bad typing, I am nervous as we speak. During our “lab” portion of class I cannot stay focused and when I try and write something down we are already on the next topic. I’m not sure how to study for the class and I had an example of my notes not correlating today when I wrote something in my notes and on the test I was totally off base. I do not know what to do throughout all of my years in school; I have never been this frustrated before.

A: It is very common for students to change their direction after choosing a path. More than 70 percent end up majoring in an area they did not intend to focus on. I am certain your school has counselors who are very familiar with this and can guide you. Perhaps one of the most inspiring pieces I’ve ever read was Steve Jobs’s (founder of Apple, Inc.) commencement address to Stanford University. He explains that we can’t know the twists and turns that life is going to present us, and that they often will make sense only in hindsight. Talk to one of the school’s counselors today and see if you can find a path that suits you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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