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Self-Esteem Issue

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HI there. I have a dental practice and have been practicing for 18 years now. My problem is that my self esteem is not what it needs to be. To such and extent that I feel apprehensive about marketing my practice/name to the community. There are many opportunities that pass me by because I do not have the confidence to act on them.As a result my practice and its growth suffers

I am on Ritalin 20mg once a day for ADHD(hyperactive/ innatentive type) and I have had some depressive spells in the past. I dont’ know if the depression in secondary to the ADHD in th sense that I procrastinate, or visa versa.

My inability to act makes my life miserable. Please provide some guidance? Kind regards.

Self-Esteem Issue

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Therapy could greatly assist you with your self-esteem issues. A therapist can explore why you do not think highly of yourself. Generally speaking, people develop self-esteem as they gain competence. Often competence is derived from being successful in an occupation. In your case, you have had a successful dental practice for nearly two decades but continue to lack confidence in your abilities.

If I were your therapist, I would assess what objective proof is available regarding your abilities. For instance, as a dentist, have you received positive feedback from your patients? Positive feedback would serve as objective proof as to your abilities.

The fact that you have maintained a dentistry practice for nearly two decades is impressive. You have maintained a self-run business for a substantial length of time. Consider that a major accomplishment.

You may feel a lack of confidence in an area completely unrelated to dentistry. However, that feeling of inability, lack of success, perhaps inferiority may spill over into you dental practice. That would not at all be uncommon.

Many people who lack self-esteem are simply not viewing reality clearly. They tend to minimize successes and highlight self-presumed negative aspects about themselves. The advantage of a therapist is that he or she is objective and unbiased.

I would recommend meeting with a therapist. You may only need a few sessions and that is quite possible but self-esteem issues can run very deep and extend back to early childhood. Many people enter therapy because of self-esteem problems. Therapy could help you immensely. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Self-Esteem Issue

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