In June 2012 my partner was suddenly taken when his son murdered him by shooting while asleep. His family turned me out of the home very quickly , the only thing that I have been given was the bed. I I have no family myself and have found it very difficult to grieve. I found a psychologist who has been helping, unfortunately as time has gone along I have felt progressively worse and got to a stage where I had planned to just take the pain away, but I did get scared and felt so alone. I have discussed this with the psychologist but my problem which is hurting me as well, but he was okay with the plans I had . I feel like a burden and like obviously there is no problem with me , if ,that issue is dismissed . I feel lost.

A: I am so very sorry for your losses and I strongly encourage you to immediately get a second opinion from another therapist.

All the details of what you’re saying would indicate that your grieving and your sadness are accurate responses to such a dramatic loss. The therapist’s response doesn’t match the gravity of your feelings in the situation.

I would highly recommend finding a clinical psychologist to meet with who specializes in grieving and is licensed in your state. This would allow you to explain your situation and get a second opinion, which I believe you should do ASAP.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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