So my mom makes me feel bad about myself a lot. SHe loses her temper really easily and the other day she slapped me because of my “tone of voice”. She said that I never learn so thats why she did it. She constantly breaks dishes when she gets mad. We don’t have anymore glass dishes because she broke them all. She also loses her temper and tells me she wishes I would just leave, she says I’m a bitch, i never do a f***ing thing around the house and things like that. I’m afraid of her now. She adopted me when I was a year old and I dont think she should have. Am I being emotionally abused?

A: It certainly seems so to me. No child should have to put up with being hit, being exposed to a person’s anger, physical abuse or having property destroyed, no one should be made to feel bad about themselves.

Here’s the national hotline for child abuse. The next time you feel threatened in this manner you can call and the counselor will help you.

You can also talk to your school guidance counselor about this issue. You deserve to be treated better than you are.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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