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Are Voices I’m Hearing Normal?

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Hello, I have multiple voices in my head, The voices sound like and suggest what i should do. For example when i wake up in the morning, its like i talk to my self and it (the voice) says “you might aswell get up or you’ll be late to work” and another voice will be like “5 more minutes should be ok” Then its like i can choose or just ignore them. Sometimes they say stuff like “someone is looking at you” and i’d do something differently, but another voice will tell me to ignore the other voice.

The voices are now saying positive and general comments. But previously when life was hard (many years ago) a similar voice would laugh at me and say stuff to make me feel bad whenever i done something wrong. It’ll be like “Hahahaha, your such a fool” But eventually i managed to stop this voice and kinda force it out my head.

These voices also tell me to do certain things and i sometimes discuss topics with them. For example 1 voice is trying to convince me to learn Chinese (mahindran) or Arabic (and tells me why i should etc). Another voice kinda helps me break things down when i see them, this sounds odd but recently its helped me visulize a object (lets say a road sign) and break it down to show me how its put together (like something from the matrix – where i can see the bolts and put the components in place) Also Some voices suggest business ideas, and i talk to them about what could be done differently etc.

Whats worrying me is the fact i would rather sit in a room by myself and discuss things, then go outside and socialise. For example i used to go to the gym quite often with a few friends, however recently i’d prefer to go by myself and we would talk about the muscles i shall train. Also it kinda pushes me at the gym, so it would be like “go on 1 more rep!!” (just like a mate of mine would do in the gym) .

I realised how screwed up this was when i recently got a new job as a field service engineer. I travel alot and when im by my self these voices are there. Its driving me insane! (yet at the same time i kind of accept the voices) Sometimes when no-one is looking, i just squinch my eyes and just be like “shut the hell up”

Not sure when these voices came but i did have a kind of troubled child hood (12 -17 years), when my parents kind of treated me like S**T. Which resulted in me trying to poison my self as i was sick of life (still makes me cry when i think of it ha!)

Should i be worried about these voices and the fact that it becoming more frequent? Who should i see? Should i accept these voices?

Thank you

Are Voices I’m Hearing Normal?

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Based on your description of the voices, it’s difficult to definitively determine if they are internal or external voices. We all seem to have an internal voice. The internal voice may be our intuition or consciousness. It’s normal to hear an internal voice.

People who experience psychotic disorders describe hearing external voices. The external voices are often not recognizable as their own. The external voices can also be frightening and say things that are mean and derogatory.

Though I cannot determine this with certainty, the voices you have described seem to be external as opposed to internal.

They also seem to be neutral, however, they are increasingly becoming derogatory.

Research has shown that most people who hear voices are not mentally ill. However, I do believe it would be advantageous to have a mental health evaluation. The voices need to be investigated further.

Speak to your general practitioner or primary care physician about your concerns and ask for a referral to mental health professional. Your doctor should be able to provide you with the appropriate referral. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle
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Are Voices I’m Hearing Normal?

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