I am a babysitter for a 5-year-old little girl that lives next door to my husband and me. The girl’s father isn’t in the picture and her mother is engaged to my husband’s cousin, and the little girl has known him as a father figure. But he was put into prison for having sexual relations with a younger teen when he was younger. He is in the police records on where he lives because they have to let people know he lives in their area. The little girls mom thought that he was done and over with all of the under age fantasies he had. But until the other day she read a text that was sent to my husbands phone saying, “I tried…. she had her pj bottoms on and she was on her stomach. Maybe we can get “blank” and “blank” to go out one night and leave the kids here and I’ll knock her out with some Benadryl.” Her and me wanted to go kick their butts!! But we didn’t want to jump to conclusions because it could possibly be a total different story. We are very concerned parents that need help on what we should do.

A: The stakes are too high for you to worry about jumping to conclusions. It is time for you to act by getting more direct legal advice.

I would look for the women’s center in your county or contact your state bar association and ask where you could get free legal advice. There are advocacy programs and child abuse programs that typically offer free legal opinions. I would highly recommend this avenue.

I would rather see you make the error of acting on your impulse too soon rather than too late. Here is one resource to help get you started.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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