As of now, I at home dealing with certain medial problems on my end. However, I noticed almost immediately something in my mom: she feels lost. She has found a delicate balance between depression, anger and anxiety. She feels that everyone is taking things away from her. Her thought process is both irrational and paranoid. As of now, I can’t do anything to help. I know it is not my responsibility to help but who else does she have? My father is a coward and feels himself the victim, thus resenting my mother for everything. It is his responsibility to help my mother but he has shirked his duty to the point where she has become unbearable. I have a responsibility to get her the help she needs. At certain points in time she realizes she needs help but then her anxiety and anger will push her away from it. Please help me help her. I don’t want to fail her.

A: Your parents need to have the dignity of coping with their own relationship and their own issues. I think your observations and insights are important and may be helpful if they can be applied.

I recommend that you find a family counselor. The three of you should go for a family session where you can explain what you see, and what the impact has been on you. The family therapist can hear this along with your parents, and can help plan the next best thing to do to help all of you.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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