My girlfriend recently got baker acted. She had an episode with her mom and it got to the point where she threatened herself and her mom with a knife because she was told she couldn’t leave the house. She’s been diagnosed with bpd, however she only has these episodes with her mom/family, I really never seen her do anything that bad. I’m wondering if she actually has bpd or what, I don’t know what or who to believe, also, her episodes have been going on for quite some time, I just need advice. I really love this girl and I know she loves me, and never did she get that angry with me or pushed me away. Please Help

A: Thank you for sending in this question. These do seem to be important issues and I wouldn’t treat them lightly. The fact that she had violent episodes and that she needed to be involuntarily committed for evaluation is a serious thing. The way I would approach this is to start reading more about BPD. In particular I would look at the book Stop Walking On Eggshells. This will give you some idea of how to be a support in a person’s life with this diagnosis.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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