It all started to happen for about a year now, when i found out that a person has some stuff of mine that would ruin my life. I get this weird attack that makes my heart beats so fast, trouble with breathing, having trouble moving my body or legs i cant feel them at all, and my fingers gets on top of each other In a weird way.. its hard to take them off from each other. I don’t know if its a panic attack, nervous disorder or whatever it is! please I need help.

A: Thank you for sending in your question. While there isn’t enough information to know what may be at the cause of your reaction, it does seem like the first step is to get a complete medical checkup. You want to rule out any physical causes for your reaction, so I would talk to the physician first about what is going on. He or she can help you from there and direct you to a therapist if needed.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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