I will keep this brief and to the point. I am a very normal family man with a great job great kids and a wonderful wife. I have one issue, I am extremely aroused at the thought, sight, touch ect.. of any kind of women’s panties. I have felt this was pretty much my whole life but over the years it seems to grow stronger. Nobody on the planet knows this as of now. Sometimes when I’m home alone I will wear my wife satin panties and masturbate. I have even bought a few pairs myself that I keep hidden. I can’t seem to even walk through a department store near the lingerie section without become very turned on. Do I have a closet cross-dressing issues or will this fetish continue to take over till I am out-ed. And telling my wife is not an option, she would have me committed for sure. HELP

A: I appreciate the courage in asking the question publicly. What arouses people sexually can be along a very wide spectrum. The fact that there is something to turn you on is not a bad thing. Best of all situations can be when couples learn to turn each other on and use these activators as a way to stimulate, enhance, and evolve the relationship. So while I know you said that this isn’t something you feel you can share with your wife, if there is ever an opportunity or a possibility that you could—that would be the best. Then it moves the fetish from something that feels like it has to be kept a secret into something that can be used for reciprocal pleasure.

On the other side of the coin is knowing how to use this activation with your wife in a more subtle way. The natural version of this, if she is willing, would be for her to keep her panties on during foreplay as a source of stimulation. My point is don’t turn this into something bad if there is a way it can be used to enhance the relationship sexually. Of course if it becomes too uncomfortable for you and there isn’t a way it can be incorporated you can always ask the help of a therapist in learning to manage the impulses.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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