For as long as i can remember i feel empty. I don’t feel anything. I do bad things to feel something sometimes and i have since i was young, but it does little for me. I have felt for years that there is something i want or need, but i cannot figure it out. Ive tried to fill it with girls, or accomplishments, or sports. nothing has completed me. i have always felt alone. I am in college and i spoke to my psychology major, who has somewhat become my therapist, and she said i was a psychopath, i don’t like that label, but my thoughts become increasingly darker. Can i Change this? I hear i am what i am and it wont change…..

A: The fact that you feel so concerned about this is very important. It is a very healthy indication that you are seeking to better yourself and are not comfortable with the way you’re living your life. Just like a healthy body detects when something is wrong, the healthy psyche knows when things aren’t as they should be and seeks a change.

The fact that this discomfort keeps you driving for a solution means that there is a very healthy part of you that is struggling to cope. I would pay attention to that part of you. That’s the element that wrote the letter to PsychCentral. It is the part that wants to feel better.

I would strongly recommend that you get a therapist independent of the person you’re talking to. Since you are already in college, the university counseling center will be able to help. It should be for little or no cost. By having your own therapist, a licensed professional, you give yourself the best chance of unraveling this process.

I admire your courage in reaching out and asking. Now it is time to follow up with therapy.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral