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Weird Behaviors And Emotional Hypersensitivity

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I had the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia with depressive affects and I am still on medications, but I am seeking help to stop my weird behaviors as well as emotional hypersensitivity. I like being requested to go for counseling/ therapy/ medical interviews/ check-ups/ pressured into sex (I will even daydream about the process), I am an obsessive knuckle and joint cracker for no reason (whether in public or private), I get anxious or excited easily, I self-pity sometimes and enjoy it, and I always weep when I am alone after being criticized (should I try not to). Am I lonely and why? (Does that mean I need more emotional attachment and should seek marriage) Hope to get some input and advice from you. Thank you very much.

Weird Behaviors And Emotional Hypersensitivity

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Perhaps some of your behaviors could be considered “weird” but some would not. You like being requested to attend treatment and being pressured into sex. What exactly do you mean by “being requested?” It may be that when someone requests that you attend treatment, you interpret it as them caring about you.

You also characterized your desire to “be pressured into sex” as being “weird.” Sometimes people have fantasies about being the submissive partner during sexual relations and this fantasy is relatively common. If I were interviewing you in person, I would ask you to explain in more detail what you meant by “being pressured.” Without that information I cannot characterize your behavior as being “weird” or not.

Obsessively cracking your knuckles and joints, being anxious and easily excited and crying alone after being criticized, may be indicative of anxiety. I would need to know how often these issues arise and in what situations, to determine if they are outside the norm. For instance, what do you mean by obsessively? Every day, all day? Only when interacting with certain people?

Without being able to gather more information about the aforementioned issues, it is difficult to provide an accurate assessment of the problem. I would recommend talking about this with your mental health professionals to determine if there is a problem. Only a mental health professional who interviews you in person could answer your specific questions and determine whether or not there is a problem. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle
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Weird Behaviors And Emotional Hypersensitivity

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