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Hallucinations, Mania and OCD

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I see and hears things that none else can see, mainly demonic faces everywhere that looks like a zombie looking alien with huge goat looking horns, the other things i see could be black shadows that fly so quick past me or someone else with me that it looks like a black bird thats flew past, or even see things that im afraid of like when i seen millions of spiders all over the floor but was told nothing was there. i hear voices that tell me i should cut myself or try to kill myself and the voice sounds evil,not human, i sometimes also hear like as though the telly or radio is going off but nothings on at the time. there are times i end up having really high moods where i end up going out shopping spending £100s in a day on just stuff to use for all my ideas i have in my thoughts, when i think of lots of ideas i cant concentrate when others try talking to me, and i end up shouting at them aggressively just to be quiet while i think. according to my friends or family i dont make sense to them or think of too much and talk too fast for them to know exactly what ideas im talking about. I have told my doctor all of this and a counsellor but none of them seem to believe a word i say as though they just think im a freak or making the whole thing up, what should i do? as its getting worse every week.

Hallucinations, Mania and OCD

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Your symptoms are unusual. What you are seeing and hearing is distressing to you. Your symptoms seem indicative of an ongoing, untreated psychosis. You are also experiencing mood swings and having difficulty controlling your behavior. If you are currently in the midst of a psychotic episode, then it makes sense that you would have difficulty controlling your mood and behavior.

Psychotic episodes require immediate treatment. They typically do not get better on their own. Medication could significantly reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

I understand that you have told your doctor and counselor about the symptoms but it’s unclear why they have not taken action. If they continue to ignore your symptoms, then you must find a different set of mental health professionals who can help.

I am also concerned about the voices telling you to harm yourself. This is a common experience among people who hear voices. If you feel that you might harm yourself or someone else, then it’s imperative to go to an emergency room immediately. The hospital can protect you and ensure that you receive the proper treatment. They can also assist you in finding a treatment team who will take your concerns seriously. You must do what it takes to get the proper help. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle
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Hallucinations, Mania and OCD

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