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Becoming Something Else

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I for a while now have not felt fully human anymore. My friends the few I actual trust said I should get checked out but I know if they were to lock me up in manor of speaking it would make everything worse. I have for the past few years have been turning into a werewolf I know it sounds silly and stupid I cant really explain why. It happens on and off when it takes control or wants to and acouple times I have almost attacked my friends appearently and I don’t really remember doing any of it. I know my friends mean well but I cant go away they are probably the only things keeping me somewhat sane. So I guess my question is if I were to get this checked out by my psychologist would I end up being well locked up?

Becoming Something Else

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It’s physically impossible to turn into a werewolf. Perhaps you are describing a psychological change that occurs when you lose control. During one of those episodes, you nearly attacked your friends but have little memory of the event. Sometimes people with extreme anger issues describe experiencing a similar loss of control and loss of memory. You may also be describing a dissociative event.

To answer your question directly, if you were evaluated by a psychologist, there is very little chance that you would be “locked up.” Typically, the only time when an individual can be forcibly committed to a psychiatric hospital is when they are imminently dangerous to themselves or to others. You “attacked” your friends but you did not describe what you meant by this phrase. For instance, perhaps you yelled at them or were short with them during a conversation. In any event, it’s very difficult to be forcibly hospitalized so the chances of it happening upon your evaluation are unlikely.

A mental health professional would likely spend a great deal of time gathering information about your attacks. He or she would then create a treatment plan to address your symptoms. He or she would also probably suggest that you be evaluated for medication. It’s possible that a low dose of medication could significantly decrease these uncontrollable experiences. Your life would be greatly improved if these problematic experiences were eliminated. It would also improve the quality of your friendships. I hope you will consider seeing a mental health professional because it could greatly improve your life. It would also help you to know precisely what it is that you are experiencing. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle
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Becoming Something Else

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