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Overly Fatigued and Sad

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I once was a very athletic person running for miles every night and training hard for dreams of being a NBA player. My problems started during the summer before my senior year in high school. I was training hard at least 5 hours a day then, at night I would talk all night to my girlfriend not getting any rest.

By the time basketball season started my muscles were tired and in pain every time I did anything physical. I deeply resented the fact I let a girl keep me up all night and keep me from getting rest. I never really have been the same person since.

That was four years ago and I have gotten worse. Here are the symptoms :

1. Tired legs, Ex: Hurts legs to walk up house stairs or can’t lift weights due to muscle fatigue

2. Waking up still tired.

3. Headaches around 12 o clock everyday.

2. Angry and irritable when people are having fun around me.

3. Feeling anger or sadness for no reason when talking to someone.

4. Feels like im about to yell so I talk very low to control myself

5. Feels like there are tears or sadness inside me put if I do cry its like 2 tears and I can’t cry anymore. It does feel good to release some tears though.

6. Sweaty hands and feet when talking to people

7. Feeling disconnected from everyone, even people known for years.

Overly Fatigued and Sad

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You may be experiencing generalized anxiety and depression. Sadness, irritability, low energy, mood instability, and feeling disconnected from others are all signs of depression. Sweating when interacting with others may be a sign of anxiety. Sometimes people sweat in social situations because they are nervous and lack self-confidence.

We shouldn’t forget the possibility of a sleep disorder. Many of the emotional issues that you are describing can come from sleep deprivation.

At the time that you were dating your girlfriend four years ago, you were physically exhausting yourself. You physically exhausted your body during the day and didn’t rest at night. Without that much-needed rest, you didn’t function well. No one could function well in that situation. You resented your girlfriend for “keeping you up all night” but you should have insisted on rest.

You’ve noticed these problems becoming increasingly worse for the last four years. They are obviously degrading your life. I would recommend having a psychological evaluation and a physical exam. Remember, you wrote that you wake up tired. It could be caused by a sleeping disorder. Therapy could be immensely helpful to you. Depression and anxiety are very treatable conditions. Psychotherapy can be highly effective. Medication helps many people. You should not allow yourself to continue to suffer when there are effective psychological treatments available. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle
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Overly Fatigued and Sad

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