I am very open to suggestion. I believe what I am told, and then take it for real. It doesn’t matter who tells me something. It just depends who is telling me at the time, and then I get confused becuase people say many different things. As it could just be a general conversatoin, or it could be a partner, or it could be a proffessional.

for example, A male police officer told me he was a femaile – I knew he was a male, but kept questioning in my mind everything about him, his face, his voice, his build to try and tell myself that he was a male, because if someone says something like this I believe them. In this instance he said this to me because he felt I was uncomfortable talking to a man.

This happens to me over everything, I believe what I’m told, and have to keep checking out the obvious facts to reasure myself, that what is said is wrong or right.

Sometimes there is no obvious facts, so I get very confused.

A: I’m not sure what you’re asking. In spite of your gullibility, you’ve made it to age 40 so something’s working. If you were seeing me, I’d ask you if it is a problem for you. Sometimes gullible people get along in the world just fine. Other times, that innocence and gullibility causes all kinds of trouble.

Suggestibility is a “talent.” Not everyone has it. Those who do, have it to different degrees. Often it is attached to creativity. I wonder if you’ve learned to channel your suggestibility into something useful or artistic.

If not, and if it gives you pain, I suggest you see a therapist to get to help you manage it. Without knowing more about you, I can’t really offer any practical advice.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie